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Submission of Animals Photos (7:00 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
Submission of "Animals" photos and judging of Portraits. Subject definition: Images of living untamed or domesticated animals (including pets) in natural or other outdoor environments that may include objects made by humans. Images may feature single or multiple animals. Indoor set-ups with natural or artificial lighting are not allowed. Creative post-processing, including composites, is allowed. In the past this has been solely a Nature subject as per the APS/PSA/FIAP Nature Rules - only untamed animals with only minimal post processing allowed. This excludes a whole genre of domesticated animal/pet photography as well as creative post-processing of animal images. In 2022, interclub delegates agreed that twin topics of Nature and Animals be created and alternated each year (similar to People/Portrait above). In 2023, the rotation will be to Animals with the following definition.

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