General Information

  1. Entries are to be submitted by 11:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of the month prior to the competition date.
  2. Submission dates for each competition are displayed in the Club Calendar.
  3. Images are to be uploaded to the Visual Pursuits Image Upload page. Note: Details on how to upload images are in the explanatory videos available under the “Help” menu on the website.
  4. Prints should be placed into the appropriate folder at the front on the meeting room on the relevant night. A digital version of the print must also be submitted to the Visual Pursuits Image Upload page.
  5. The Visual Pursuits system will automatically note your name, membership number and competition level.
  6. Late submissions will not be accepted by the Visual Pursuits system. 

Entry Limits- monthly competitions

A maximum of four images can be submitted into either the Set or Open competitions each month. In addition one digital submission can be made to Monochrome and Looking Down. The following combinations can be submitted:

  • 2 Print images in any combination of Set or Open
  • 2 Digital images in any combination of Set or Open
  • 1 digital image in Monochrome
  • 1 digital image in Looking Down

Entry Limits- Annual competition

  • 2 images in Digital
  • 2 images in Print
  • 1 digital image in Monochrome
  • 1 digital image in Looking Down

General Competition Rules

  1. Colour or Monochrome images can be used in the regular monthly competitions and these have no bearing on the Monochrome Competition entries other than being subject to the resubmission rules.
  2. The rules about resubmission should be noted – see Resubmission Rules.
  3. The Annual Competition will be Open subject only.
  4. All entries must be the original work of the competitor, however there is no restriction on commercial processing.
  5. In the case of a tie occurring in the aggregate points accumulated through the year, the member who has been awarded the highest aggregate points for Honours and Merits during the year may be deemed to be the winner of the aggregate competition. The committee also retains the right to awarding joint winners in the case of a tie.
  6. All care shall be taken with entries, but no responsibility will be accepted by the Society for loss or damage occurring to entries.
  7. “AB” and “B” grade members will have their work reviewed by the committee at the end of the competition year in order to establish if those members should advance to the next grade for the following year’s competition. The criteria for promotion to the next grade can be found here.
  8. Upon applying for membership, approval will be assumed that PDIs are retained by the Competition Manager and may be utilised for club activities or interclub competitions for 12 months from entry. The Competition Manager will take all steps to delete those images from computers at the finalisation of the competition year. However, they will remain in the Visual Pursuits server in the member's gallery. Please notify the committee in writing if you do not want this to happen with your PDIs. Alternatively, the image can be marked as "Restricted" when submitting. This will prevent it being used or displayed after the competition.
  9. New members MAY, at the discretion of the committee, have their work reviewed and re-graded if necessary, after having entered three (3) competitions.
  10. A minimum of three (3) ENTRANTS from any one grade must be entered in the Annual Competition to permit the awarding of trophies and/or award cards for that grade.
  11. The committee reserves the right to evaluate new members work. 

Print Entry Rules

  1. Prints should be mounted on matt board. These are available for sale from the club or can be purchased elsewhere.
  2. Any Velcro strips on the back of the prints must be removed.
  3. Prints should have an arrow marked on the back to indicate the top edge of the print.
  4. The print entry must not exceed 40cm x 50cm (16" x 20") including the mount.
  5. The actual print must not be less than 13cm x 18cm (5" x 7") unmounted.
  6. When submitted the digital version of the print to Visual Pursuits, a label should be printed and attached to the back of the print.
  7. When printing the label, the checkbox to include the author's name should be unchecked. 

Digital Entry Rules

  1. Digital images must be submitted as JPG or JPEG files and must be in sRGB colour space.
  2. The dimensions of digital images must not exceed 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels if submitted in landscape orientation.
  3. If the digital image is portrait orientation, the vertical height must not be greater than 1080 pixels.
  4. Any images that do not comply with these dimension requirements will be proportionally resized by the Visual Pursuits system.

Advice on Image Naming

  1. It is no longer required, or advisable, to include the author's grade, etc. in the image name.
  2. When submitting an image, edit the title to remove the file extension (.jpg).
  3. The title does not have to be the same as the file name. Only the title is seen by judges, displayed on judging night or displayed in the website slide show.
  4. When developing a title for your image, imagine the title is on a plaque under your image in a gallery.

Resubmission Rules for Monthly Competitions

  1. Any image which has been awarded a Merit or an Honour will no longer be allowed to be submitted in future monthly competitions.
  2. However, award winning images, in addition to new images, can be submitted to the Annual competition.
  3. Changing the name of an image is not allowed. Any image must be presented under the same name as when originally submitted.
  4. A winning image (awarded a Merit or Honour, or 1st ,2nd or 3rd in Monochrome or Looking Down) cannot be altered in order to resubmit the image as a “different” image. This includes converting an image to monochrome, or entering the colour version of a monochrome image.
  5. Any image which does not win a Merit or an Honour will be eligible for resubmission but never in the same category into which it was previously entered. Potentially a single image can be entered in Set Print, Open Print, Set PDI and Open PDI. Once it has been entered in all four it can never again be entered in a future monthly competition.
  6. The same rules will apply to the Monochrome competition. Any monochrome image which has won an award in a monthly competition cannot be submitted in future Monochrome competitions. However, it may be submitted in any of the Annual competitions. 
  7. The Visual Pursuits system will carry out a "pixel analysis" of all uploads to compare the image with others in a competitor's library. The system will not allow upload of an image that it detects as already being in the competitor's library.
  8. To resubmit an image as per the rules above, the image should be entered to the competition from the competitor's library rather than attempting to upload it again.

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